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The Planet Saturn - Position for the month of  April 2015:- The planet Saturn starts the month   at 4°R41 in Sagittarius(Planets are at their strongest when at station) Saturn goes into a reverse cycle ( a planet appears to be moving back wards when viewed from the earth-astrologically, going back over all things Saturn-a chance to get things right?) Saturn goes direct again on the the of August. Saturn the month at 3 17 Sagittarius.  The Planet Saturn Astrologically

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Saturn Planet astrology

Planet Facts: In counterbalance to Jupiter ‘s expansive nature the planet Saturn function in an astrology sense is to restrict. Saturn is often a painful but none the less a vital part of our growth and our development. The planet Saturn keeps Jupiter's constant urge to grow within bounds. The planet Saturn  in the astrology chart shows us where and how we most want to make our mark in society, as well as where we will find our fears. The astrological aspects to and from Saturn focus us on all the obstacles we are likely to meet through out our life and often with this 'teacher' planet these will be self-inflicted or: Brought about by events which appear to be beyond our control ("karma”). In both cases the planet Saturn moulds us through harsh confrontations with reality and through the limiting circumstances what we must change in ourselves before we can achieve our outer ambitions. Few of us accept the delays or hardships bought about by the placement of the planet Saturn with-in our birth charts with good grace or patience and these 'lessons' are seldom learned without pain or indeed until Saturn has reversed up over the 'sore point' sometimes several times and 'rubbed salt' into the wound!. At its most constructive this planet imparts wisdom and a true understanding of the virtues of patience, hard work, tradition and self-discipline. If the 'teachings' of the planet Saturn are ignored- then this planet can become very repressive indeed. If un-observed the planet Saturn will destroy our self-confidence and halt all personal progress and ambitions.  

The Planet Saturn- Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Saturn is a cold (cold makes inactive) The planet Saturn is dry, (dry makes distinctions-knows/recognizes differences) The planet Saturn is barren.  Saturn's rule extends among other things to all rules and regulations. Saturn rules the government and all authority figures, exams and teachers. The planet Saturn rules the physical laws of the universe, rules and regulations. governments and all authority figures, economic recession, time, the ageing process, depression, fear and loneliness. The  Saturn month is August. The metal is lead and Saturn's day is Saturday. The Saturn colour is very dark green or black. and its number is 8. The body parts ruled by Saturn are: bones, joints, knees, skin, teeth. Ailments associated with Saturn's astrology are: all to do with the skin and bones and by its nature of restriction and generally slowing things down, anything that is degenerative. Saturn produces blockages and is associated with poor growth. dental problems, skin problems, arthritis.  Saturn ruled gemstones are - Blue Sapphire – black gemstones. 

Saturn's Esoteric & Astrological - Herbs / Influence::  

Saturn rules over the forming of seeds with the potential for re-birth into the next season. Saturn also rules the dying, drying and withering process at the very end of a plants life cycle. The planet Saturn also rules a number of poisonous plants which would kill but in the right dosage can be very powerful medically. Saturn herbs are Aconite, Belladonna, Chicory, Comfrey, Horsetails Indian Hemp, Morning glory, Nightshade and Woad: Saturn ruled vegetation will often be gray-ish or blue-ish in appearance or may have blue flowers. Saturn's herbs often taste often bitter or acrid.  See list at - Saturn Herbs & Plants l Unique Personal Astrology "be amazed"  Today's Horoscopes for  Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn  Aquarius Pisces

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