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The moon transits the constellations qurt moon  The Moon Daily - Moon Sign Astrology -Daily Moon Phases:

 The Moon Daily - Moon Sign Astrology "the mood of the people" The Moon sign reprosents - The moon in sign represents all our memory's feelings and instinctive responses just below the level of consciousness. When the moon transits the zodiac she moves very quickly through all of the astrological moon signs (the constellations) the moon takes only about 29 days to transit the entire zodiac and transition all of her phase's The moon spends about two and a half days in each sign. As e moon changes astrological sign so do our feelings, moods and  emotions in conjunction with the meaning and feeling of the constellation. The moon sign effects us all on an emotional and thus on an energy level and as she transits the constellation, as the moon moves through the signs we all feel the effects of theis 'moon in sign astrology'. The moon is  'the mood of the people'. and just knowing this very easy aspect of astrology is an extremely useful astrological tool for understanding the twists and the turns of your life -Learn now how to plan for a more successful future using the coming 2017 Luna cycles see -Llewellyn's Cycles of the Moon 2016

You can now click on the links below and discover which astrological moon sign is current right now and throgh the prevailing month,  understand how it will be affecting you and all of us all too  - Wish to learn more? A collection of moon rites and moon sign rituals through out the entire year, learn the high sabots the low sabot, the esbat,s, the blue moons. Learn both the power of the moon and working with or harnessing her magical - mysterious powers

The Moon sign reprosents - Daily Moon Transits: Transits of the Moon Through the Astrological Signs -This Week 
The Moon sign reprosents - Monday moon sign Monday 27th March moon sign astrology sign Tuesday Moon Enters (Aries) (Fire) (Cardinal 2:10 pm GMT
The Moon sign reprosents - Tuesday moon sign Tuesday 28th March    moon sign astrology sign Tuesday  Moon in Aries
The Moon sign reprosents - Wednesday Moon sign Wednesday    29th March   moon sign astrology sign Tuesday Moon Enters (Taurus) (Earth) (Fixed ) 3:47 pm GMT
The Moon sign reprosents - Wednesday Moon sign Thursday 30th March   moon sign astrology sign Tuesday Moon in Taurus
The Moon sign reprosents - Friday Moon Sign Friday 31st March moon sign astrology sign Tuesday Moon Enters (Gemini) (Air) (Mutable ) 4:40 pm  GMT
The Moon sign reprosents - saturday moon Sign Saturday 1st April  moon sign astrology sign Tuesday Moon in Gemini
The Moon sign reprosents -Sunday Moon Sign  Sunday 2nd April moon sign astrology sign Tuesday Moon Enters (Cancer) (Water) (Cardinal 6:27 pm  GMT
Moon sign astrology Void moons month

moon sign astrology sign Tuesday Dates for Your Diary – Void Moon Days-
Monday  Void Starts 10:19 am  GMT   Ends at 2:10 pm  GMT  Void Ends Aries
Wednesday  Void Starts 12:07 pm GMT   Ends at  3:47 pm GMT  Void Ends Taurus
Thursday  Void Starts 11:12 pm GMT   Ends 31st at 4:40 pm GMT  Void Ends Gemini
Sunday  Void Starts 2:42 pm  GMT   Ends at 6:27 pm  GMT  Void Ends Cancer

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The Moon sign reprosents -  A Graphic Analysis of Your Emotional Moon Sign Imprint: The Moon sign reprosents -

The Moon sign daily - Moon sign astrology daily-


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